Daniel Sasse

Senior Managing Director

Language: German, English, Spanish, learning Thai
Training-Education: TDA/CMAS Course Director 4****Star #0250
Medic First Aid Instructor Trainer
Apnoe Instructor Trainer
Children Instructor Trainer
Nitrox Instructor
Continuous experience in the diving industry for 14 years. More than 8,000 dives ... I guess 😉

    Nattapol Phoget (Bell)

    Manager / Intern Trainee to become an Instructor

    Language: Thai, English
    Training-Education: TDA/CMAS 3*** Guide / Assistant Instructor

    Bell is an expirienced Dive-Guide and he knows the Dive sites like the back of his Hand! Since he works here for over 4 years and has over 400 dives logged in the area around here!


      Andreas Stöckel (Andy)

      Instructor / Dive Guide

      Language: German, English, learning Thai
      Training-Education: TDA/CMAS Instructor 1*Star #0351

      Andy works as a high season reinforcement staff for 6 month per year, usually from Nov. - May! Andy has gained a lot of knowledge as a Dive Guide and Instructor for the past years and did all his education and training with Poseidon!

        Pairote Saesieo (Jai)

        Dive Guide / Intern Trainee to become an Instructor

        Language: English, Thai
        Training-Education: TDA/CMAS*** Guide / Assistant Instructor
        Jai is a very good safe and calm dive guide and knows a lot about our underwater world and marine biology! One of his hobbies is the underwater photography and identification of fish.