The Manta Ray & Whaleshark Show at Hin Daeng Hin Muang and Koh Ha Yai. A 2Day/1Night Livaboard Trip with Poseidon Dive Center Ao Nang.

Removing a huge Fishing ghost Net! 19.02.2016

Today 19.02.2016 we removed a huge fishing ghost Net of Koh Ywasam and Koh Meaurai! We can happily report that all the Fishing Net has been removed and we have rescued a great number of Fish and Corals! Thanks to all which have helped out!!!

Phi Phi Islands 03.10.2015

A small taste of what we have seen at Phi Phi Islands today!

Congratulations to our Students

Congratulations to our newly certified CMAS*1Star Open Water Divers! Tom, Lisa, Sam, Sammy, Julia, Michi! Well done and always HappyBubbles!!

Removing an illegal Fishing Cage inside the Marine National Park

On a scuba dive at the Marine national Park Phi Phi Islands on 20th August 2015 we have found an illegal set Fishing Cage. A Lot of fish have been trapped inside and it was attached with a big rope to a Coral, either by scuba or surface supply divers! Fish cages are not allowed 3 nautical miles around the MN-Park Borders! Thanks a lot to Stefan Heinsen for the great Camera work and Anett for helping out! Also a big thank you goes to project abroad research divers!

Local Islands Ao Nang Krabi scuba Diving

A small glimpse on how beautiful the local islands Ao Nang « STILL » are! Please let us protect this beautiful marine environment! Each of you can help by teaching how fragile it is! Say NO to Coal, Don’t feed the fish and don’t throw anything in the Ocean! We love ❤ the local Islands! Enjoy!!

Scuba Diving with Poseidon @ Ao Nang Krabi 17th to 21st August 2015

Scuba Diving at Local and Phi Phi Islands!

Leopard Shark, Stingray, Giant Moray on a Cleaning Station, White Spotted Bamboo Shark and lots of other things to see in the Video!

Diving at the Local Islands Ao Nang Krabi

Scuba Diving with Poseidon Dive Center @ Phi Phi Islands

Discover Scuba Diving with Poseidon Dive Center Ao Nang Krabi

Freedive Course Poseidon Dive Center

Anemone Reef Ao Nang

Black Tip reef Sharks

Leopard Sharks


Underwater Clean up Day at Phi Phi Islands

Nemo in real life